On a lighter note..

my aunt gave me ALL THIS ALPACA FIBER.

Two HUGE garbage bags, for my carding, spinning, and knitting needs. ;) So much fun will be in my not-so-distant future!


As of now, I am actually furious at moss stitches.

Somehow I got off track, and the stitches switched. It’s so frustrating because this happened last night, and I started over, this time actually keeping track of every row, with pen and paper. I don’t know how this happened. ugh. I guess practice makes perfect..


I’m going to visit my uncle Jim. I love going to his house, not only because he is way cool, but so is his girlfriend!
She owns 3 Alpacas, and gets tons of fiber from them every year! She’s really into craft stuff. We both knit, she’s taught me how to spin yarn.
Every visit with her is a fun visit.


I have fallen in love with this girl’s blog. She’s cute, her blog is neat and she is a fantastic knitter. ;)

Check her out: Untangling-knots 

I have my first order on a custom knit project!

A friend of mine, who recently moved to Arizona, wants me to knit a scarflette to match her new boots.

Click image for pattern!

In this color.

This is the project I’m currently working on

Click to view pattern!

It’s turning out pretty well, I wish I could get pictures and stuff. For some reason my phone is not being cooperative. Although, Mine is made out of some sort of hand spun wool I found at a thrift shop (:
It’s naturally colored, like, off white. It’s thick yarn, and turning out much much bigger than it should, but that’s okay, I like it.

This stupid 70’s sewing machine

We pulled it out of the garage for the first time in like 10 years, my grandma said. I’m trying to figure it out. I got the needle threaded and everything is set up. For a while it was working, but now it won’t and I cannot figure out the problem.
I’ve never been so angry at an inanimate ¬†object, ever ):