Yard Sale Plans.

I’m planning to host a yard sale before I leave for Oregon in  few weeks. This is kind of just a brainstorming post.
Here are some ideas I have in mind:

  1. Bunting. I already started making some. It looks great.
  2. Music, to bring in customers.
  3. I’m posting it on Craigslist too.
  4. More signs around my neighborhood this time. I was slacking last time.
  5. I’m also going to make some more business cards, and have them sitting out.

Give me other ideas, people.




Yarn give away

3 Skeins of Naturally Caron Spa Yarn in Dark Driftwood.

Teaching myself how to crochet today.

How to Crochet – Part 1 – Basics for the Absolute Beginner – YouTube.

Lionbrand’s instructions also helped me.

10 things I love?

1. Google Calender.

If you do not use google chrome, gmail, and all of it’s accessories? You’re deprived, seriously.

2. Dr. Martins. Especially mine.

Yep. Morgan gave me those. I’m lucky. I love them.

3. Spinning yarn.

I’ve used a spindle thus far, but that shall change very soon. I got a spinning wheel today!

4. DIY everything.

I’m just not going to put a picture. It’s self explanatory.

5. the entire month of October

I’m turning 19 on the 18th. And aside from that? In my opinion, Halloween is literally the best holiday there is. Seriously.

6. The Office

Basically the best show ever.

7. Fight Club

Another one of those ‘best things ever.’ Yep. Best movie ever.

8. Pizza

Best food. I barely eat it, seeing as how I generally live a gluten-free life, but…

9. Quilting.

I need to finish my quilt. None of these pictures are mine, just so you know.

10. Everything vintage.

Well, not everything, but, ya know.

omg !

An email was forwarded to me, a few weeks ago or so, about a free loom. I contacted the woman to let her know I was interested.

So, today, I went to her house to pick it up. We started talking a bit, and decided to throw in another loom AND a spinning wheel! All for free!!

The need a little TLC, and the big loom won’t be put together until I have a place to put it, but I’m so excited! I’ll probably post pictures tomorrow!


As you can see, I did some editing. Not much. You probably didn’t notice, but I added some buttons to my sidebar. They look awesome. My next step is creating a different image for my header. I like this one, it’s just not personal enough, I think. Maybe I’ll wait a while, until I find something that really stands out to me. Now, I think I’ll add more buttons, What other sites do I have, hmmm…

Everyone should give me suggestions to make my blog perfect.

haha, I’m going to be altering it, as I do every so often, to make it better! Easier to find stuff, etc..

So, I am now taking suggestions! open to anything and everything, tell me.

You can comment, or email me at marisaintheskyy@gmail.com

Also, feel free to donate money to my Starbucks obsession, my card number is 6060 9918 9545 4315

lolololol!! I love you all.