10 things I love Wednesday

I got this idea from A Beautiful Mess (She does 10 things I love Sundays) :)
Let’s get started!

 I love lace everything. I’m planning to knit a lace scarf fairly soon, I have yarn and needles. I think I’ve found a few patterns I like, but I’ve got so many projects already going, I think it’ll have to wait.

2. Tattoos!

This is my only tattoo so far. I plan to get more some day.

3. Maxi Dresses!

So pretty. I wish I owned more than one. LOL!

4. Tights

I love these. I do not own them. Although I wore my favorite teal tights today.

5. Flowers

I love flowers. Hydrangeas are my favorite.

6. Knitting

I’m slightly embarrassed that this is number 6 on my list, but…

7. Bunting

I actually have no idea why  I love these things so much. I love making them, I love looking at them, and decorating with them. I’ll probably have way too many of them hanging in my house at all times.

8. Business lady clothes.

For some reason I have an odd obsession with business lady clothes. Not too sure where this even comes from.

9. Weddings

I love fantasizing about how my wedding will look and turn out. I heard you’re not supposed to do that, because then it’s like you’re looking for a groom to fit into your wedding instead of your heart, but I think that’s bullshit. Every little girl fantasizes about these things, and I don’t feel bad. So there.

10. Have I mentioned Ron?

This is my boyfriend, and this is our prom photo. Not too shabby, eh? Well, he makes me happy. :3

I guess that’s all for today! It’s pretty late, and I need to knit.


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