Hello!! Meet Marisa.

I feel like I have not properly introduced myself, so I plan to that that right here, right now! I think I’ve been slacking on my blogging, so I plan to change that today.

A few of Marisa’s favorite things…

  • Tea time! I love tea, I love teapots, tea cups, and collecting them.
  • Knitting, of course! My favorite pass time.
  • Gardening, of any sort. I like to make things grow. It’s so rewarding!
  • I love decorating and organizing! If only I had my own place…
  • I also love decorating myself! Fashion is my passion!
  • All kinds of art there is. I love art. Music, drawing, painting, theater, you name it!
  • I love photography! I’m really sorry my skills are not up to par.. I think I’ll whip out my old camera. It just doesn’t work so well, errr!
  • I love my wonderful boyfriend, we’ve been dating for 6 months, and many more to come, I hope!

Blogs recommended by Marisa!

Feel free to comment on anything I post, or email me at marisaintheskyy@gmail.com I would love to hear from you!


3 responses to “Hello!! Meet Marisa.

  1. hello from a vB follower…you have a lot of the same fav things as me, although I CANNOT knit I tried when I was about 10— ;( I do love all the great thing my Oma knittes for me and I love gooing to craft shows and looking at all the kint baby clothes. When my daughter was little she had a differant pair of colored kint booties -Differant one every day for about two week, then throught hte cycle again. =)
    Following you and hope you”ll check out ReviewsSheRote http://anoterote.blogspot.com….maybe something there will catch your eye.

    • Thank you for visiting my blog! I will be visiting yours as well!
      I learned to knit when I was like, 13. All the knitters I know say that it doesn’t take patience, but I know it does! But, I love fiber arts. I’ve recently taken up crocheting, and spinning.

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