10 things I love?

1. Google Calender.

If you do not use google chrome, gmail, and all of it’s accessories? You’re deprived, seriously.

2. Dr. Martins. Especially mine.

Yep. Morgan gave me those. I’m lucky. I love them.

3. Spinning yarn.

I’ve used a spindle thus far, but that shall change very soon. I got a spinning wheel today!

4. DIY everything.

I’m just not going to put a picture. It’s self explanatory.

5. the entire month of October

I’m turning 19 on the 18th. And aside from that? In my opinion, Halloween is literally the best holiday there is. Seriously.

6. The Office

Basically the best show ever.

7. Fight Club

Another one of those ‘best things ever.’ Yep. Best movie ever.

8. Pizza

Best food. I barely eat it, seeing as how I generally live a gluten-free life, but…

9. Quilting.

I need to finish my quilt. None of these pictures are mine, just so you know.

10. Everything vintage.

Well, not everything, but, ya know.


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