bla bla bla.

this isnt really working.

i cant keep up with my posts.

oh well.

7 23 2010.

7 24 2010.

7 25 2010.

7 26 2010.

7 30 2010.

theres blue in my hair.

8 5 2010.


day 7

7 22 2010

lori left before i awoke this morning.

watched movies. aha, some prison movie, braveheart, joe dirt.

thats all.

days 4, 5, 6

7 19 2010

ok. new earings.  brenna gave them to me. she so sweet.

idk, thats all.

7 20 2010

brenna and sky. i babysat. i figured out the webcam. obviously.  chris’s mom arrived. made jam and sorbet. out of nectarines. they are delicious.

thats all.

7 21 2010

knitting group.

farmers market. the wednesday one. its lame. matts closing. er. lori leaves tomorrow morning.

its past midnight. thats all.

day 1, day 2

well. ive decided to take at least one picture every day. to make a photo journal.

and i shall put them all in this category. to record my maturing in photograph form.

heres my first photo.

july 16 2010

7 16 2010

i dont even remember what happened.

:/ it was yesterday.

july 17 2010

7 17 2010

ok. today.

last night i had a wierd dream. i went back to florida for a specific reason. but i dont remember what it was. i went to sandalwood for the first day of school. but people were saying goodbye and cleaning out lockers like they would on the last day of school. then i was standing at amandas locker with her, cleaning it out, of course. when all of a sudden i had a roll of toilet paper in my hand, on a square of it there was a message that read “the last call” so, when you got to that square you would die. so i thought “fine. i just wont use that square.” so i rolled it back up and threw it across the hall. in that instant, my dream switched and it was like i was watching a movie. as i bent over, there was a black silhouette of a hand reaching up and pinching the air upwards. it was ridiculous and funny. then i had to fight off people. ridiculous.

i was also sleeping in brenna’s room, as i slept, i felt something on my back, so i grabbed it in my sleep. after realizing it was some sort of a bug, i woke up throwing it as hard as i could. at that exact moment, brenna was getting up to use the potty. so, she exclaims, “woah woah! are you ok?!” im like, “it was a bug” :( so i had troubles going back to sleep. later on today, mom, chris, brenna and i went to see how to train your dragon for the second time. it was good.