How to felt!

For those of you who’re interested in learning how to felt, I thought I’d let you know how. You can felt any kind of wool. Whether it be knitted, crocheted, or even unspun fiber, it can felt.
Like when you put a wool sweater through the wash and it shrinks? That’s felting. You can just use your washer and dryer to felt, but I like to do it by hand, it’s easier to control.

HINT: Felting results in a significant amount of shrinking, a lot of times by 50%, so plan for that.

Step 1: Fill sink or tub with as hot water as you can stand, and a little bit of dish soap. ( I use cleaning rubber gloves, they bring my heat tolerance up higher.)

Step 2: Get the item you want to felt and, in the hot water, agitate it. Rub it, squeeze it, and be rough with it. You’ll start to see shrinking.

Step 3: When your felting has reached your desired size, and you cannot see the stitches anymore, rinse very well with cold water.

Step 4: Let dry and VIOLA! You’ve felted.

You can cut felt just like fabric, and it will not unravel. Felting causes the fibers to link and connect with each other.


Felting experiment

Today, I made a tiny felted ball out of some un-spun alpaca. Some of that stuff is just not as soft, and doesn’t like to spin as well, ya know? Pretty soon, I’m gonna give needle felting a try, but this time I just felted it in my hands, just rolling it around. Here it is!

I know I’m not in my prettiest state right now, but you don’t mind, do you? ;)