10 things I love?

1. Google Calender.

If you do not use google chrome, gmail, and all of it’s accessories? You’re deprived, seriously.

2. Dr. Martins. Especially mine.

Yep. Morgan gave me those. I’m lucky. I love them.

3. Spinning yarn.

I’ve used a spindle thus far, but that shall change very soon. I got a spinning wheel today!

4. DIY everything.

I’m just not going to put a picture. It’s self explanatory.

5. the entire month of October

I’m turning 19 on the 18th. And aside from that? In my opinion, Halloween is literally the best holiday there is. Seriously.

6. The Office

Basically the best show ever.

7. Fight Club

Another one of those ‘best things ever.’ Yep. Best movie ever.

8. Pizza

Best food. I barely eat it, seeing as how I generally live a gluten-free life, but…

9. Quilting.

I need to finish my quilt. None of these pictures are mine, just so you know.

10. Everything vintage.

Well, not everything, but, ya know.


10 things I love Wednesday

I got this idea from A Beautiful Mess (She does 10 things I love Sundays) :)
Let’s get started!

 I love lace everything. I’m planning to knit a lace scarf fairly soon, I have yarn and needles. I think I’ve found a few patterns I like, but I’ve got so many projects already going, I think it’ll have to wait.

2. Tattoos!

This is my only tattoo so far. I plan to get more some day.

3. Maxi Dresses!

So pretty. I wish I owned more than one. LOL!

4. Tights

I love these. I do not own them. Although I wore my favorite teal tights today.

5. Flowers

I love flowers. Hydrangeas are my favorite.

6. Knitting

I’m slightly embarrassed that this is number 6 on my list, but…

7. Bunting

I actually have no idea why  I love these things so much. I love making them, I love looking at them, and decorating with them. I’ll probably have way too many of them hanging in my house at all times.

8. Business lady clothes.

For some reason I have an odd obsession with business lady clothes. Not too sure where this even comes from.

9. Weddings

I love fantasizing about how my wedding will look and turn out. I heard you’re not supposed to do that, because then it’s like you’re looking for a groom to fit into your wedding instead of your heart, but I think that’s bullshit. Every little girl fantasizes about these things, and I don’t feel bad. So there.

10. Have I mentioned Ron?

This is my boyfriend, and this is our prom photo. Not too shabby, eh? Well, he makes me happy. :3

I guess that’s all for today! It’s pretty late, and I need to knit.